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North Texas Community College Students Talk About ‘Campus Carry’ Law

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A Texas law that allows licensed gun owners to carry a concealed handgun on community college campuses went into effect on Tuesday. At one North Texas school, student reaction was mixed. Hareez Madhani is a student at Brookhaven College in Farmers Branch. He said the new law wasn’t even on his radar. “It’s clearly not the best idea, especially whenever you consider the epidemic across the country, not only on campuses but within other public areas as well,” Madhani said. Student David Ferrer disagreed. He’s a first-year mechanical engineering student at Brookhaven. “Personally I’d like to have the chance to defend myself than just sit there and have something happen,” Ferrer said. “It’s hard to think about. No one wants to, but that’s just what it is.” Ferrer said he debated the issue in his high school government class. The debate took place after a gunman shot and killed a student at North Lake College in Irving. Victoria Pantchenko, a 30-year old student who’s studying graphic