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Proposed Texas Bill Would Allow Teachers To Get Certified In Early Childhood Education

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Texas is one of two states that doesn’t offer educators the option of getting a certification in early childhood education. A Texas legislator wants to change that. State Rep. Dan Huberty says teachers should receive special training to teach the state’s youngest students. That’s why he’s sponsoring a bill that would let teachers receive an early childhood certificate. The Houston-area Republican addressed his colleagues earlier this week during a House subcommittee hearing on teacher quality. “I think it’s extremely clear that educating a student in kindergarten and educating a student in sixth grade requires a different skill set from an educator in the classroom perspective,” Huberty said. The certificate wouldn’t be mandatory – it would train teachers to educate children from pre-kindergarten through the third grade. Huberty said the certification would help teachers balance teaching fundamental academic skills with students’ social and emotional skills. Some said legislators