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Grants and Foundations

Grants and Foundation Relations works to expand and deepen KERA’s relationship with the philanthropic community for the benefit of North Texans and supports the vision and strategic goals of KERA’s educational services and programming by helping to secure funds from private foundations and government sources.

The office plays an important central role in coordinating approaches to major foundations, ensuring that proposals reflect both KERA’s priorities and fit within the funding interests of each foundation and/or government agency. To provide long-term, strategic planning for many of KERA’s philanthropic relationships, the staff:

  • Participates in partnership- and relationship-building activities with foundations and government funders.
  • Promotes mutually beneficial relationships between KERA and foundations and government funders.
  • Provides direct assistance and support to KERA departments by identifying funding sources for priority programs and preparing proposals to such entities.
  • Serves as a liaison between KERA departments and foundation and government entities.
  • Maintains a high level of stewardship which helps continue good relations between KERA and its funders.



Ann Fields
Manager of Grants and Foundations
(214) 740-9270

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