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Paris, Texas

8 West Plaza

Paris, Texas 75460

Founded:  1844

Architecture Styles: Neo-Gothic, Classical Revival and Art Deco

Show Description:

As its name might suggest, the East Texas town of Paris has a 65-foot replica of the Eiffel Tower – topped by a red cowboy hat. Its history was shaped by a devastating fire that led to the birth of the city’s significant architecture.

Some places to find similar architecture

Gothic Revival

St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Fort Worth, Texas

Dedicated in 1888, the Cathedral was designed by architect James J. Kane of Fort Worth. It was modeled after the structures Father Jean Marie Guyot, the church’s priest, remembered from his native France.

Emily Morgan Hotel, San Antonio, Texas

Completed in 1926 by architect Ralph Cameron, the neo-gothic structure near the Alamo was first known as the Medical Arts Building. The thirteen-story tower is influenced by the Gothic revival and features pieces of cast iron, unique ornamentation, and a copper roof with wood ribs.

Kirby Building, Dallas, Texas

Historically known as the Busch Building, the Kirby Building is a 17-story neo-gothic skyscraper completed in 1913 by beer magnate Adolphus Busch to accompany his nearby Hotel Adolphus.

Classical Revival

Biscoe County Courthouse, Silverton, Texas

The Briscoe County Courthouse was designed by Amarillo architectural firm Smith & Townes. The brick and concrete building opened in 1922. it included a classical entablature and cornice that wrapped around the top of the building and sat atop its entry portico.

Arts District Mansion (formally known as the Belo Mansion) Dallas, Texas

The mansion was constructed in 1890 by David Morgan who also built the Dallas County Courthouse in 1893. It was the personal residence A. H. Belo, the founder of the Dallas Morning News. It’s been the home of the Dallas Bar Association since 1978.

Islamic Da’wah Center (formally known as the Houston National Bank) Houston, Texas

The Houston National Bank Building was designed by architects Hedrick & Gottlieb in 1928. The three-story Neoclassical structure was built by Ross Sterling who was the founder and president of Humble Oil as well as governor of Texas from 1931-33.

Art Deco

O.T. Bassett Tower, El Paso, Texas

Located at 303 Texas Avenue in Downtown El Paso, the O.T. Bassett Tower was built by Charles N. Bassett, who named it in honor of his father. The tower was designed by Trost & Trost and completed in 1930, making it one of Henry Trost’s last commissions. It was briefly the tallest building in the city but was surpassed later the same year by the Hilton Hotel.

Electric Building, Fort Worth, Texas

The Electric Building was constructed in 1927 by architect Wyatt C. Hedrick. The 18-story Art Deco and Spanish Renaissance-style building is located in downtown Fort Worth. It housed the Texas Electric Service Company and the Hollywood Theater. In 1994 the building was converted into apartments and retail.

Tower Station and U-Drop Inn, Shamrock, Texas

The U-Drop Inn, also known as Tower Station and U-Drop Inn and Tower Café, was built in 1936 in Shamrock, Texas along the historic Route 66 highway in Wheeler County. Inspired by the image of a nail stuck in soil, the building was designed by J. C. Berry. An unusual example of Art Deco architecture applied to a gas station and restaurant, the building features two flared towers with geometric detailing, glazed ceramic tile walls, and neon light accents.

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