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Seminole Canyon State Park & Historic Site

US Highway 90, Comstock Val Verde County, Texas

Show Description:

Layer by layer, Seminole Canyon provides some of the oldest indigenous rock paintings in the United States. And one of the deepest glimpses into the history of human life that is found anywhere in Texas. Early man first visited this area 12 thousand years ago. Five thousand years later, a new culture arrived. Some of these prehistoric people painted pictographs in Fate Bell and other rock shelters of the Lower Pecos River Country. More than 200 pictograph sites hold examples of their style of rock paintings.

Things to do Nearby:

Pecos River Highway Bridge Overlook and Pecos High Bridge

The historic Pecos High Bridge is noteworthy for being the highest bridge in the United States, and also, at 322 feet 10.75 inches, the third-highest bridge in the world.

Judge Roy Bean Visitor Center, Langtry, Texas

A Texas Department of Transportation rest stop in the small town of Langtry. See the old saloon, learn of the area’s history, and take in the view of the Rio Grande River and Mexico.

Rio Bravo Nature Center, Eagle Pass, Texas 

Do some early morning bird watching inside the nature center. Audubon’s Oriole, Black Phoebes, Painted Buntings and American Pelicans are just some of the birds you can see.

Other Places to See Petroglyphs (Rock Art)

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10 Days in Fate Bell Shelter