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[staging]KERA Summer Learning Challenge 2022

The free summer learning program for kids

Logo with KERA's Summer Learning Challenge theme, A Global Adventure

Welcome parents and caregivers! The Summer Learning Challenge provides a structured-but-flexible blueprint for keeping kids curious and engaged throughout the summer months.

This free annual program is geared for children ages 2 to 8 and features PBS characters, activities and events.

The Challenge starts June 6 and runs through August 12. Tap here to see how it works.

Then, access all the materials and links you need for a fun, educational summer:

The checklist

How do you know if your child is on their way to completing the 2022 Summer Learning Challenge? The checklist! You don’t need to submit your checklist until the end of the summer, but view it to help stay on track:


KERA Kids Learn Facebook group

If you’re on Facebook, join our group. It’s where you can meet other parents and caregivers with children participating in the Challenge, share progress, plus get child development tips, articles and resources. If you’re not on Facebook, no worries. Ask questions or share photos with us by email:


Activity calendar — June

From PBS Kids Youtube read-alongs to an online Curious George game to artwork prompts, your child(ren) will learn about non-standard measurements, space, nature, animals, and storytelling throughout the month of June.


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    Tap for calendar tips

    Your child doesn’t have to participate in every activity to complete the Challenge. (See the checklist above for that). But the calendar makes it easy for parents and caregivers to provide children one enriching activity, video, or craft on any given day.

    ▸ Access an activity resource by tapping inside each date on the downloadable PDF calendar.

    ▸ Many of the activities lead you to the PBS LearningMedia website. Create a login to access ALL resources. Everything is free.

    ▸ Some of the activities require the use of a printer. If you don’t have access to one, simply check out a different educational video or game on KERA Kids that day, or an audio lesson like these on PBS LearningMedia, or at-home craft ideas like these.

Activity booklet

More activities! Print this PBS booklet, in English or Spanish, for extra activities like coloring, drawing, story prompts and more. No printer? Try the PBS Kids for Parents website; it has a lot of additional activity ideas, like crafts, experiments and fun recipes.



Book recommendations

Need a handy summer reading reference? The KERA Education team curated lists of recommended books for pre-K and for kindergarten through second grade.



Reading chart

What better way to keep track of your summer reading than with a summer reading chart? Print an optional chart — your choice, in English or Spanish — to log the books your child reads.




Mark your place in style! Print a KERA Summer Learning Challenge bookmark:


Coming soon!

Summer events: Opportunities to explore and meet other families
Camp TV schedule: Fun, educational programming that’s perfect for summer learning

How Summer Learning Challenge works

1. Parents or guardians register their child(ren).

2. Families access materials on this page — like the checklist, book recommendations, summer activities and schedules. Some materials are printable. (No printer access? No worries. Email to request a packet of materials.)

3. Kids enjoy activities, events, and reading plans throughout the summer, focusing on science, technology, arts, and math — and adventure!

4. Parents submit their children’s Summer Learning Challenge checklist at the end of the summer.

5. Then … kids receive a prize pack in the mail!

We also invite you to join or sign up for these additional resources:

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