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  • Out Of Africa

    Alexandra Fuller has written several memoirs about her life in Africa. We’ll talk with her about her new book, which details her divorce and questions of cultural identity.

  • Apartheid, Reconciliation & The World Cup Stage

    Will genuine reconciliation ever come to South Africa and how will the legacy of apartheid affect the World Cup? We’ll spend this hour with writer Alexandra Fuller whose article “Mandela’s Children” appears in the June issue of National Geographic Magazine.

  • Growing Up in Africa

    Can we really “know” a place without living there, breathing its air and feeling its earth? We’ll spend this hour with an author who first introduced readers to mid-seventies Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) with her 2001 national bestseller “Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight” and revisited her roots in “Scribbling the Cat” in 2004. Alexandra […]