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  • The Melting Pot

    We’ll look at the lasting impact of the Immigration and Nationality Act through the lens of one Virginia county with NPR’s Tom Gjelten, author of “A Nation of Nations: A Great American Immigration Story.”

  • Reviewing Reagan

    Ronald Reagan guided the U.S. through the last days of the Cold War and ushered in a new breed of conservatism that still reverberates today. We’ll take inventory of his legacy this hour with biographer H.W. Brands.

  • Immunization Nation

    We’ll talk this hour about how politics and social concerns have directed medical policy with Emory University assistant history professor Elena Conis. Her new book is Vaccine Nation: America’s Changing Relationship with Immunization

  • All Aboard

    We’ll talk this hour about the demise of America’s railroads – and if they will ever make a comeback – with Kevin Baker, who writes about the lost glory of train travel in the July issue of Harper’s.