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  • Bush's Legacy

    Will the Bush Presidency be remembered solely for the “War-On-Terror” and invasion of Iraq? Not according to our guest – former Bush speechwriter and current American Enterprise Institute resident fellow David Frum. His cover story, “Think Again: Bush’s Legacy” appears in the current issue of Foreign Policy Magazine.

  • Conservatism that Can Win Again

    Can conservatives regain a premiere place in American politics as the Bush years come to a close? David Frum thinks so. In town to speak to the World Affairs Council of Dallas Fort Worth, Frum will join us to discuss his latest book “Comeback: Conservatism That Can Win Again” (Doubleday, 2008).

  • Who Won in Iraq?

    Who is really “winning” in Iraq? Foreign Policy Magazine poses the question and gets 10 very different answers – from China to the United Nations – in the current issue’s cover story. We’ll talk this hour with three contributors to “Who Won in Iraq” – Steve Tsang of Oxford University, David Frum of the American […]