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  • The American Roots of Uganda's Anti-Gay Persecutions

    Did Uganda’s 2009 Anti-Homosexual Bill originate from American fundamentalism? We’ll examine the connections between the bill’s authors and a secretive group of Washington D.C. politicians this hour with Jeff Sharlet, whose article “Straight Man’s Burden: The American roots of Uganda’s anti-gay persecutions” appears in this month’s Harper’s Magazine.

  • Is the Christian Right Reimagining U.S. History?

    Are fundamentalists rewriting U.S. History? Jeff Sharlet thinks so. The Harper’s Magazine contributing editor and editor of The examines new interpretations of our nation’s past in textbooks and teaching guides in his December cover story “Through a Glass Darkly: How the Christian Right is Reimagining U.S. History.” Jeff Sharlet will join us for the […]