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  • The Wolf Boys

    This hour, we’ll talk about how a Mexican drug cartel turned a boy into a feared assassin – and about what such transformations say about the perilous prospect of growing up on the border – with Dan Slater.

  • Living Undocumented

    We’ll talk to him this hour with immigration activist Jose Antonio Vargas about the current influx of undocumented children along the U.S-Mexico border and about his recent arrest in McAllen for his own citizenship status.

  • The Future for Mexico

    Hour 1: How and when will Mexico overcome its challenges and become the great nation it could be? We’ll examine those challenges and future possibilities this hour with former Mexican foreign minister Jorge Castañeda. His new book is “Mañana Forever?: Mexico and the Mexicans” (Knopf, 2011).[Download MP3]