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  • The Choice 2016

    This hour, we’ll hear what those closest to the candidates have to say about them from Michael Kirk. His Frontline documentary “The Choice 2016” airs tonight on KERA-TV.

  • FRONTLINE: "Obama's Deal"

    How does the Obama Administration really operate? We’ll explore the realities of current American politics this hour with veteran FRONTLINE producer Michael Kirk, whose film “Obama’s Deal,” airs tonight at 9pm on KERA 13.

  • Breaking the Bank

    What happened to the banking industry? We’ll find out how things went so wrong so quickly, and discuss what’s being done to stabilize things with veteran FRONTLINE producer Michael Kirk whose film “Breaking the Bank” airs Tuesday, June 16th at 9pm on KERA 13.

  • Bush's War

    For over six years and more than 40 episodes, PBS’s FRONTLINE has reported on the war against terrorism. We’ll talk with veteran producer Michael Kirk this hour about next week’s two-part FRONTLINE special “Bush’s War,” which draws on this archive and adds perspective through fresh reporting and new interviews.

  • FRONTLINE: Cheney's Law

    What is the extent of Vice President Dick Cheney’s power and how have his three-decades in and out of government service expanded that power? We’ll spend this hour with Michael Kirk, whose 10th documentary about the Bush Administration’s post-9/11 policies debuts the PBS FRONTLINE season tonight. It’s called “Cheney’s Law.”