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  • Hidden Minds

    This hour, we’ll talk about how doctors search for brain function with Dr. Nicholas D. Schiff and Dr. Joseph J Fins of Weill Cornell Medicine. Their story “In Search of Hidden Minds” appears in the current issue of Scientific American Mind.

  • Home Beyond Earth

    This hour, we’ll talk about why Mars may not be the most viable option for a space colony – and we’ll talk about the place that is: Titan, a moon orbiting Saturn, with planetary scientist Amanda Hendrix, co-author of “Beyond Earth: Our Path to a New Home in the Planets.”

  • Treasures Of The Earth

    This hour, we’ll talk about how humans throughout time have turned to the Earth for the materials that power our civilization, the subject of the new NOVA series “Treasures of the Earth: Gems, Metals and Power,” which airs tonight on KERA-TV.

  • Transplanting Organs

    This hour, we’ll talk about the possibility of growing replacement human organs inside cows, pigs and other animals – and we’ll talk about the ethics of the practice – with Christine Gorman, senior editor for health, human biology and medicine at Scientific American.

  • The Bats In Austin

    This hour, we’ll take in the scene from the Austin’s Congress Avenue Bridge with bat experts from the non-profit Austin Bat Refuge. And later in the hour, we’ll talk about new research into how bats use sonar with Mike Ryan, professor of integrative biology at UT-Austin, and UT graduate student May Dixon.

  • A Boy’s Gift To Science

    When Sarah Gray was given the devastating news that one of the twin sons she was carrying wasn’t going to live, she decided to donate his organ’s to medical research. This hour, we’ll talk with her about that experience, which she writes about in “A Life Everlasting: The Extraordinary Story of One Boy’s Gift to Medical Science.”