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Thanksgiving Radio Specials on KERA FM


In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, KERA FM will air several Thanksgiving-oriented programs over the coming days. Read below for program descriptions and air times:

Thursday, November 26 

11am – 1pm — The Splendid Table’s Turkey Confidential 

Turkey Confidential is a live, two-hour, call-in program on Thanksgiving Day for public radio listeners across the nation. Help is on the way for Thanksgiving cooks, kitchen helpers and dinner guests on this, the biggest cooking day of the year. Lynne Rossetto Kasper will be available to answer listener questions throughout the live, two-hour program. Quickly becoming a Thanksgiving morning tradition, past shows have included everything from a cross-country trucker cooking his Thanksgiving dinner on the manifold to a panicked first-time cook who didn’t realize a turkey needs to be thawed. Lynne handles all questions with wit, expertise and laughter.

1pm – 2pm — The Science of Gratitude 

The Science of Gratitude is a one-hour documentary focusing on the latest information regarding the power (or lack of it) of being thankful. We hear research, expert opinion, and individual stories to illustrate how gratitude often has a large impact on overall happiness. The program covers gratitude in the workplace, in relationships, in health, in child-rearing, etc. It is hosted by Academy Award winning actress Susan Sarandon.

9pm – 11pm —  Best of the Best: 2015 Third Coast Festival

The winter holiday tradition continues as the Third Coast International Audio Festival brings the best new documentaries produced worldwide to the national airwaves in Best of the Best, hosted by award-winning writer, producer and humorist Gwen Macsai. Best of the Best presents the winners of the 15th annual Third Coast Festival/Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Competition. Innovative and insightful, the stories will engage, provoke, entertain, and transport listeners to new worlds. This year’s winners were especially memorable. Here’s a sampling: The Living Room, an intimate account of one woman’s voyeuristic relationship with her neighbors. 695BGK, an African-American man is shot by a white police officer, and lives to tell his story of racial injustice.  Sounds Up There, astronauts and a sound designer meditate on the unearthly soundscape of outer space.  Mayday Mayday, one actor recounts his journey from paralysis to recovery in this docu-drama. Best of the Best also features interviews with winning producers who give us a glimpse into the art of audio storytelling.

Friday, November 27

Noon – 1pm —Awesome Holiday Etiquette

The holiday season can be a minefield when it comes to good behavior. Do I wish people Merry or Happy or not? What if I get cornered by my weird uncle at the family gathering? How much of the menu do I need to change because my brother is now bringing a vegan? (Wait, now he’s a vegan, too?) Can I still wear my favorite leather belt? Awesome Holiday Etiquette is an entertaining way to learn how you can take some of the stress out of being social during the holidays. Hosts Lizzie Post and Dan Post Senning — the great-great-grandchildren of etiquette icon Emily Post — will talk with friends and special guests about etiquette throughout the season — from food to decorating to social situations. They will answer etiquette questions from listeners, and invite storytellers to tell the tales of their biggest holiday wins (or fails.)