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A Conversation With Glynn Washington 18

Each week on “Snap Judgment,” Glynn Washington brings public radio listeners stories centered on a common theme. He joins us to talk about the art of storytelling ahead of a live taping of the show at the Majestic Theatre in Dallas on Friday. Do. Not. Miss it.

Glynn Washington on … 

… what it takes to make compelling radio: 

“It’s never easy to make anything. Everything really does want stink and mess up and not work. The iterative process that is so inherent to any creative endeavor. Like the amounts of edits that have to go through a story before you hear it on a Snap Judgement show. I don’t think people would even believe it. Now hopefully we make it sound like somebody just said something and it just came through. But a five-hour interview might become part of a 10-minute piece, because what it the real story here? What are we really trying to say? Where’s the heart in this thing? How do we tell something that’s extremely intelligient that takes our listeners somewhere they’ve never even imagined before and does so with smarts, and aims at both the head and the heart, and twists and entertains along the way. It’s not supposed to be easy.”