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Neil Gaiman On Norse Mythology 9

Neil Gaiman is the rare author whose talents translate from short stories, to comic books, to screenplays and, of course, novels. He joins us to talk about dipping into ancient history for his newest book, “Norse Mythology,” which takes its inspiration from the cultural stories of ancient Scandinavia.

Neil Gaiman on … 

… how discovering the true origins of Thor inspired his new book “Norse Mythology.”

“A friend of mine had a copy of a book called ‘Myths of the Norse Men.’ I sat down, read it and fell in love. Now, suddenly wound up responding to these myths, to these stories, to these gods in a way that left me still absolutely loving what Stan Lee and Jack Kirby had done with the character in the comics, but going ‘OK, that’s that thing over there. This is the real stuff. This is the true quill.”

This episode originally aired on Feb 9, 2017.