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The Truth About Men And Women 19

From the dawn of time, men and women have engaged in a struggle over how to peacefully coexist. Stephen Marche joins us to talk about the many places that members of the opposite sex interact – from the office to the dinner table to the bedroom – and how those interactions have evolved in the age of feminism. His new book is called “The Unmade Bed: The Messy Truth About Men and Women in the 21st Century” (Simon & Schuster).

Stephen Marche on …

what he calls the “hollow patriarchy”: 

“Men control the top tier positions in almost every field. It’s not just like Hollywood directors for whom you know 97 percent of Hollywood directors are male. It’s also things like equity partnerships in law firms, which is only 16 percent female or board memberships … This process which in underway is kind of double. One is that women are growing to power in the middle class, but men remain iconic of power. And they retain the phrase is the “hollow patriarchy,” where there is this new kind of toxic machismo and alpha dog bluster where as women are actually running the parts of the economy.