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When Your Child Is A Psychopath 67

One of the scariest scenarios parents can face is the possibility that their child is mentally disturbed. Barbara Bradley Hagerty joins us to talk about new therapies available to these children. Her story “When Your Child is a Psychopath” appears in the June issue of The Atlantic.

Barbara Bradley Hagerty on …

… emotions psychopathic children can’t feel: 

“It turns out that one of the biggest predictors, actually the biggest predictor of whether a child will become dangerous and a violent criminal, later on, is resting heart rate. … What they think is going on there is that these kids do not register fear in themselves or fear in others. If you don’t feel fear then you’re not going to be stopped from say risky behavior – from carjacking, from being violent, from doing all sorts of things that could land you in trouble. If you’re not feeling the fear you don’t have the breaks. The breaks aren’t working.”