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Concerto with James Conlon

“Concerto with James Conlon” – a series of six 30-minute programs featuring the renowned conductor James Conlon and the six finalists of the Eleventh Van Cliburn International Piano Competition – offers a rare and dynamic look at the concerto as metaphor for life. “Concerto” focuses on extended musical segments of the great masterpieces by Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Beethoven, and Prokofiev written for piano and orchestra performed during the Eleventh Van Cliburn International Piano Competition in June 2001. The camera captures the dynamic interplay of these exciting musicians and James Conlon as he rehearses with them, expertly guiding them through the challenges of blending individual personality and style with the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra.

“Concerto with James Conlon” was directed by Peter Rosen, produced by Peter Rosen Productions Inc. for the Van Cliburn Foundation and co-produced by KERA-Dallas/Fort Worth.