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Matisse & Picasso

“Matisse & Picasso” offers a compelling portrait of two giants of 20th century art who inspired one another with a timeless dialogue that even death could not silence. The documentary, inspired by the Fort Worth (Texas) Kimbell Art Museum’s exclusive exhibition, “Matisse & Picasso: A Gentle Rivalry,” follows the interaction between the two artists and brings together for the first time several key, visually compelling examples of the ongoing “game of chess” between two masters. KERA’s first high-definition television (HDTV) documentary combines spectacular photography of rarely seen paintings and sculpture with archival photographs and film footage of these two masters at work.

“Matisse & Picasso” is a production of KERA in association with the Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth, Texas.

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Production credits: Director/Co-Producer/Photographer: Ginny Martin; Director/Writer/Co-Producer: Rob Tranchin; Producer: Joe Bellotti; Executive Producer: Rick Thompson; Executive-in-Charge: Sylvia Komatsu.