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The daily climate of potential violence faced by many urban teens, as well as some possible solutions, are explored in “Peacemaker,” a unique combination of TV drama and documentary starring students at an inner-city middle school in Dallas. The documentary segments of “Peacemaker” focus on the daily lives of several students from Thomas A. Edison Learning Center in West Dallas, one of the city’s poorest and most violent neighborhoods. The program follows the students as they prepare for their roles in a 25-minute drama written – with their input – by Dallas screenwriter Victor San Miguel. The students, many of whom relate poignant and moving stories about their own experiences with violence, were all voluntary participants in an innovative, 11-week anti-violence workshop conducted at the middle school.

“Peacemaker” was produced by KERA, Dallas/Fort Worth, (in association with Junior Players of Dallas).

Production credits: Executive Producer Yolette Garcia; Producer/Director Rob Tranchin