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Tornado Alert

“Tornado Alert: What You Need to Know,” is a one-hour program that examines the harsh realities of these natural phenomena, explores the latest in cutting-edge tornado-tracking technology, and explains proven rules of family emergency preparedness.The special – the result of a collaboration between Channel 13 and WFAA-TV – is hosted by Troy Dungan, chief weather forecaster at WFAA. “Tornado Alert” features some of the nation’s top tornado research scientists and meteorologists, as well as first-hand testimony from tornado survivors. Viewers will witness real-life tornado footage, and they will ride along with “tornado chasers” who put themselves in harm’s way to study these funnels that can snake down from the sky and, within seconds, destroy everything in their paths.

“Tornado Alert: What You Need to Know,” is a co-production of KERA Channel 13, Dallas/Fort Worth, and WFAA-TV.

Production Credits: Executive producer, Yolette Garcia; Producer, Tim Dickey; Director, Joey Spurlock; Executives in charge, Sylvia Komatsu, KERA and Marty Haag, WFAA