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Arlington Arts Inject $118 Million Annually, New Report Says 13

The arts are a booming business in Arlington,  pumping more than $118 million a year into the economy and supporting more than 1,200 jobs. That’s according to a new study by Impact DataSource, an Austin-based economic consulting firm.

The report was commissioned by the Downtown Arlington Management Corporation, which says it’s the first study to focus on the area’s arts and culture sector.

Researchers sampled eight art groups, including the Levitt Pavilion, Arlington Music Hall, Arlington Museum of Art and the Music, Theatre, and Dance departments at the University of Texas at Arlington.

In 2019, local residents spent close to $47 million dollars on the arts, and hotel room sales generated by out-of-town visitors were just over $1.3 million.

Study sponsors said the numbers point to the strength of arts and culture in the city.

“The intrinsic value of our cultural partners, artists and organizations is well-recognized,” said Maggie Campbell, president and CEO of DAMC. “Now we have a data-driven picture of their combined economic impact. Clearly, the arts community is a strong and vital sector of our economy with great potential for growth and broader impact.”

The report used 2019 data, and the annual economic impacts were calculated for:

  • Direct and indirect jobs and salaries
  • Direct and indirect economic output or money the organizations and their activities pump into the economy
  • Taxable sales
  • Hotel room sales generated by out-of-town visitors

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