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Dallas Is Giving Away Free Trees For Residents To Plant 18

You’ve heard the old adage; The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. Well, now Dallas residents can get a helping hand from the city with a free tree.

Registration for the Branch Out Dallas program is open from Sept. 1-30. Pick-up day is Nov. 6. Find registration details here.

Residents can register to receive a free tree courtesy of the city’s Branch Out Dallas Tree Giveaway Program. You have six options: Bur Oak, American Elm, Bald Cypress, Chinquapin Oak, Mexican Plum, or Sycamore.

All of these species do well in the North Texas climate, and they can all adapt to urban settings. The flashy Mexican Plum produces white flowers in early spring, and the bald cypress tree stands on strange, knobby knees. Both oak tree species and the sycamore can grow to be enormous with time. Take caution with the elm, though. This once-abundant species is unfortunately dying out due to a fungus that causes Dutch Elm disease.

The Branch Out program started as an effort to increase the overall tree canopy in Dallas and reduce the heat island effect. Trees and other vegetation help cool the air in urban areas, which tend to be hotter because of buildings, roads, and other infrastructure.

Registrants will get a free, 5-gallon tree to plant in their yard. They can also choose from six pick-up locations around the city.

Tree Pick-up Locations: 

  • Shelton School (17301 Preston Road)
  • Marsh Lane Baptist Church (10716 Marsh Lane)
  • White Rock Church of Christ (9220 Ferguson Road)
  • Tyler Street UMC (927 West 10th Street)
  • Cristo Rey Dallas College Prep Innovation Center (9701 San Leon Avenue)
  • St. Elizabeth of Hungary Catholic School (4019 Hampton Road)

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