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Frame of Mind: Films From Baylor 11

This week on Frame of Mind, we head to the film program at Baylor University where a number of film and television heavy-hitters cut their teeth at the Waco school.

Director John Lee Hancock got his start here, and he’s gone on to direct big sports dramas like “The Rookie” and “The Blind Side.”

Frequent collaborators Michael Brandt and Derek Hass met as film students at Baylor, and they’re filmography include “2 Fast 2 Furious,” “3:10 To Yuma,” and the television drama “Chicago Fire.”

Here’s a teaser on the five films airing Thursday on KERA TV at 10 p.m.

The Track Jacket by Cory Ewing and Emily Durkin

A still from "The Track Jacket," a film by Cory Ewing and Emily Durkin.

A still from “The Track Jacket,” a film by Cory Ewing and Emily Durkin.

An unlikely pairing forms between a teenage boy hoping to make his track team and a disaffected woman confined to a motorized scooter in “The Track Jacket.” Emboldened by his kindness, Wanda opens up to Jesse and offers to help him train for tryouts. The short borrows from the classic master-student trope in sports films like “Rocky” and “Creed.”

Dual Interests by Daniel Lee Beard

A still from "Dual Interests," a film by Daniel Lee Beard.

A still from “Dual Interests,” a film by Daniel Lee Beard.

A married couple — down to their last penny — have a twist of fate when they come across a duffel bag full of crisp, 100 dollar bills in this comedic short. A run-in with a police officer and the bag’s rightful owner ends happily for only one of the three parties.

Stray by Brynn Sankey

A still from "Stray," a short film directed by Brynn Sankey.

A still from “Stray,” a short film directed by Brynn Sankey.

Strong performances and a natural cinematographic style make this dramatic short a standout among Thursday’s offerings. A young, homeless man crosses paths with a middle-class dance student and an instant affinity emerges between them after a day spent together.

“Stray” was selected for inclusion in the Short Film Corner at Cannes in 2016 — Sankey’s second consecutive spot in the festival. It also won Best Picture at the Black Glasses Film Festival, Baylor’s showcase of student work.

My Father is a Tyrannosaurus Rex by Philip Heinrich

A still from "My Father is a Tyrannosaurus Rex," a film by Philip Heinrich.

A still from “My Father is a Tyrannosaurus Rex,” a film by Philip Heinrich.

This brief, surreal brickfilm follows a teenage boy lamenting the fact that his father is literally a T-Rex. It was nominated for best cinematography and screenplay at the Brick in Motion Awards in 2011 — think Academy Awards but with Lego bricks.

Recipe for Love by Christina Gray

A still from "Recipe for Love," a film by Christina Gray.

A still from “Recipe for Love,” a film by Christina Gray.

“A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” takes a slightly disturbing turn in this comedic short. Obsessed with Henry, Jessica concocts a plan to lure him into a relationship using her cooking.

The short was selected to screen at the Dallas International Film Festival’s College Showcase.