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KXT Sun Sets: Fantastic Negrito And Gaston Light 12

On Thursday, KXT will hold its last Sun Sets of the summer with Fantastic Negrito and Gaston Light on the roof of Dallas Power & Light.

Enter by midnight Wednesday, Aug. 3, to win tickets to Thursday’s sold out concert.

He played at Summer Cut in 2015, and he’s back in North Dallas for more: Fantastic Negrito is an indie roots musician on a meteoric rise to popularity, from winning NPR’s Tiny Desk contest to playing South By Southwest this year and last.

In Oakland, California, where he’s living what he calls his “third rebirth” after a near death incident, Fantastic Negrito is a father, a songwriter, a man with a past. Xavier Dphrepaulezz was born in Massachusetts but has spent most of his life between the Bay Area and Los Angeles, where he was picked up by Interscope, nearly killed in a car crash and then dropped by the label. After a few years out of the business, he finally took up his guitar again to entertain his infant son. Writing his own music has been his passion for most of his life.

“I think that was always my strength,” he tells Wired. “I was never a great player, but I could write.”

His new album, “Last Days of Oakland,” came out in June.

Gaston Light opens for Fantastic Negrito. Gaston Light is Jason Corcoran, a Dallas-native who spent a lot of years outside of Texas, working in Los Angeles. He’s settled in Dallas again now, with his wife and daughter. He picked the moniker when he was living on Gaston Ave, with the idea that his work would be more collaborative than purely individual.

In his youth, Corcoran played down at Sons of Hermann Hall with older musicians and got booked for shows where he didn’t fit the bill.

“It would be me, a 14-year-old with a guitar, opening for death metal,” he remembers.

He’s always excited to return to the Dallas music scene: he says every time he comes back, the art in the city is thriving more. As a perfectionist who enjoys spending a long time editing each song, he’s trying to fit his music around his family life and daily responsibilities. To help him do that, he set up a home studio.

“I have this really dedicated space for music,” he says. “You get really focused and learn to spend your time wisely.”

At Sun Sets he says he’ll play from “Peel,” his 2011 album, and recent singles, like “Make Up Your Mind.”