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North Texas Theaters Unite During COVID 14

Eighteen North Texas professional theater leaders spoke out in a video message about the importance of theater, and the arts in general, to our economy and community. The message of a joined alliance between the organizations is being communicated today as part of North Texas Giving Day Now.


Press release follows:

Last month, 18 professional Equity DFW theaters formed an alliance in an effort to support each other, come together to manage the crisis facing all arts organizations as a result of COVID19, and to lead our industry in setting safety standards for patrons and artists alike. We are much stronger together than we are as individual theaters. This video was a joint effort and will be communicated simultaneously by all 18 organizations on Tuesday, May 5th at 10 a.m. as part of North Texas Giving Day Now. It illustrates the economic and community impact our combined 18 organizations have and signals to artists and audiences alike that we are working together to safely get our stage lights on as quickly as possible. This is just an intermission.

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