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Outcry Theatre Thinks Outside The Box With Upcoming Shows 20

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Outcry Theatre is branching out into the virtual world with its two new works, A Little Princess and Macbeth. Both shows were rehearsed through Zoom and will be performed without an audience. They can be viewed on Outcry Theatre’s website for 24 hours after you purchase your tickets.

Image courtesy of the Outcry Theatre.

A Little Princess is the classic tale about an imaginative girl who finds something magical. This adaptation of the novel by the same name is directed by Jason Johnson-Spinos and is intended for a younger audience. The show is streaming online from July 1 through midnight July 19 and tickets can be purchased online to access the performance.

Image courtesy of the Outcry Theatre.

​​Becca Johnson-Spinos directs a re-imagining of the Shakespeare story, Macbeth. This show is a ’90s, flannel-filled version of the time-honored tragedy. You can get tickets to watch Macbeth ​from July 7 through midnight on July 26.

Image courtesy of the Outcry Theatre.

Outcry is providing in-person summer camps too, like sword-fighting, devised theater, and themed camps like The Jungle Book. Coming up, Outcry has announced that productions of Shakespeare In Love, Tuck Everlasting and The Little Prince are in the works for August and September.

To sign up for summer camps and buy tickets to these and upcoming shows, head to Outcry Theatre’s website. Follow Outcry Theatre on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube to keep up to date.

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