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Play ‘Eye Spy’ At This Dallas Art Installation 18

Dallas-based artist Toni Martin wants you to play “Eye Spy” in her installation at the art-filled Lorenzo Hotel.

Eye Spy. Dec. 3-5. 1011 S Akard St, Dallas, TX 75215Details

The monochromatic installation is infused with everyday trinkets to reveal the hidden beauty of things we often discard. Martin was inspired by chromatherapy, or color therapy, and the installation uses LED lights to help bounce off colors on the white objects. It can help create positive reactions to one’s mind. 

Toni Martin poses in front of her installation, "Eye Spy."

Toni Martin at her “Eye Spy” installation at the Lorenzo Hotel in Dallas. Photo: Jason Sanders

She said the artwork allows for visitors to concentrate, relax, reflect and, for a moment, simply be.

“It’s a room that helps you be more present and really feel like you’re in a cool, dream-like world with everyday objects,” Martin said.

The installation is a collection of random objects from Martin’s memory, ranging from a heart-shaped cutout, a camera, vases, and even nostalgic characters like Felix the Cat. It features about 150 objects.

“Everything is all the same color, which makes you appreciate the objects for what they are, without their identity. It’s just the shape,” Martin said.

150 objects, ranging from a camera, cut-out flowers and more, are morphed together on a white canvas.

Toni Martin’s installation, “Eye Spy,” features about 150 objects. Photo: Jason Sanders

It also features the words “RAWR” as a reminder to herself.

“Sometimes I struggle with self-confidence and being present in the moment,” Martin said. “To really allow for my anxiety to go away, I really just wanted to be like this is me looking at the world and as far as when you’re in that room you’re like ‘RAWR’ — like you’re supposed to be a badass.”

Martin said some of the work was created during the pandemic.

“Being alone has made me internalize a lot more,” Martin said. “Which allows my work to blossom in ways that may never have clicked without a lack of connection.”

To keep up with Martin’s artwork, follow her Instagram.

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