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Waiting For Kacey Musgraves’ New Album On Heartbreak? Get The Tears Flowing With This Breakup Mix. 15

Grab a tissue box because Kacey Musgraves has just announced a new album that she calls “an extremely personal journey of heartache and healing.”

“Star-Crossed” is the Texas native’s highly anticipated follow-up to “Golden Hour,” for which Musgraves took home the Grammy for Album of the Year in 2019. The new album and an accompanying film will be released Sept. 10.

Watch the trailer for Musgraves’ upcoming 50-minute film, which will be released on Paramount+.

The country pop star from Golden, Texas (outside of Mineola) has already proven herself to be a master of the heartbreak anthem. Her repertoire includes gut punches like “Space Cowboy” and “Merry Go ‘Round,” and her fourth studio album promises to be her most tear-jerking work yet. 

The album follows Musgraves’ divorce from fellow country musician Ruston Kelly. She offers hints of its themes on the opening title track, a sparkling, synth-heavy ballad that finds Musgraves singing about “two lovers ripped right at the seams.” 

Brace yourself for the impending ugly-cries with a quick dive into the canon of breakup songs from North Texas musicians. We made you a playlist including classics like Erykah Badu’s “Tyrone” and The Chicks’ “You Were Mine” to newer finds like Luna Luna’s “Sunshine & Lust Are No Longer Enough.” All of the songs are guaranteed to leave your heart a little raw.  

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