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First-Generation Texans Navigate A New World In KERA ‘Generation One’ Series 21

One in three Texas kids is either an immigrant or the child of immigrants. They’re the subject of a new KERA series called Generation One.

David Kapuku on his way to school in Northeast Dallas.

Mark Birnbaum

David Kapuku on his way to school in Northeast Dallas.

Starting Tuesday, and over the next several weeks, KERA will explore the challenges these kids face and the ways North Texas schools are trying to weave them into the American tapestry.

These kids have to learn a new language, adapt to a different culture and try to fit into a community that may not embrace newcomers.

Generation One is part of KERA’s American Graduate Initiative.

The first story features David Kapuku. Just two weeks after arriving from Africa, David enrolled at Conrad High School in Northeast Dallas. He started school in a new country where students speak a different language. It can be overwhelming. Now, a year and a half later, David is helping other refugee kids making the transition.

Each Tuesday, stories will air on KERA 90.1 FM. Explore the stories in KERA’s digital storytelling project, which features videos and an interactive graphic showing where Texas’ foreign-born population comes from.

Read the series here.