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  • Freedom And Security

    We’ll talk this hour about how we can maintain that balance with Stephen Whitfield of Brandeis University. On Saturday, he’ll teach a class called “National Security vs. Freedom of Expression” during The Dallas Morning News’ One-Day University.

  • Life Beyond The Border

    Hour 2: Expanding its reach across America, the U.S. Border Patrol now protects the nation in a variety of ways like never before. We’ll speak with Todd Miller about the increase in service and his book, “Border Patrol Nation: Dispatches from the Front Lines of Homeland Security.”

  • 835

    Harold Montgomery, Calpian

    On the May episode of CEO, host Lee Cullum talks with Harold Montgomery, chairman and CEO of Calpian, about how Calpian helps 16,000 U.S. merchants get paid when customers use debit and credit cards.