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Harold Montgomery, Calpian

CEO 836

On the May episode of CEO, host Lee Cullum talks with Harold Montgomery, chairman and CEO of Calpian, about how Calpian helps 16,000 U.S. merchants get paid when customers use debit and credit cards. Learn what European fraud protections Montgomery sees on the horizon for American shoppers. Money-on-Mobile’s Shashank Joshi joins the discussion, detailing the subsidiary’s payment and money transfer options for customers throughout India.

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Harold Montgomery has been in the payment processing business since 1987. Before leading the formation of Calpian, he was the CEO of A.R.T. Holdings, Inc., a company that underwrote and acquired hundreds of merchant portfolios totaling about 35,000 merchants. With 27 years of experience in the payments industry, Montgomery is a widely known industry authority, a speaker at regional and national trade shows and the writer of a monthly column for Transaction World Magazine.

Montgomery serves on the Board of Trustees for the Communities Foundation of Texas, a $750 million community trust organization, and the Board of St. Mark’s School of Texas. He has served as president of the Dallas Committee on Foreign Relations and Young Audiences of Greater Dallas.