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KERA Think Rundown – Week of 1/16/12

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Think airs Monday to Thursday from 12:00 noon to 2:00 p.m. on KERA FM. Encore airings of Think can be heard Monday to Thursday nights on KERA FM beginning at 9:00 p.m. Podcasts and streamed video are available online at

Monday, 1/16

Hour 1:  Think is on holiday today. We hope you’ll enjoy the American Radioworks documentary special “King’s Last March.” This documentary traces the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. in his final year.  It was one of the most challenging and controversial chapters of the civil rights leader’s career, yet it has not been the focus of significant public attention.

Hour 2:  Think is on holiday today. We hope you’ll enjoy the Humankind special “Meeting Hate With Love: Stories of King and Gandhi.” In this special David Freudberg explores the non-violence philosophies shared by Martin Luther King, Jr., and Gandhi.

Tuesday, 1/17

Hour 1:  With thousands dead in the country’s drug war, Mexico is going through seriously tough times. But why is the country facing these challenges and what should the U.S. be doing to help its southern neighbor? We’ll talk this hour with Roderic Ai Camp, Professor of Government at Claremont McKenna College and author of “Mexico: What Everyone Needs to Know” (Oxford University Press, USA, 2011).

Hour 2:  Did one man shape U.S. policy in Iraq and entice our country into a disastrous war of intervention? We’ll find out this hour with award-winning 60 Minutes producer Richard Bonin whose new book is “Arrows of the Night: Ahmad Chalabi’s Long Journey to Triumph in Iraq” (Doubleday, 2011).

Wednesday, 1/18

Hour 1:  How did General Stanley McChrystal lose his job running the U.S. war in Afghanistan and what are our military leaders really doing behind the closed doors of power? We’ll talk this hour with journalist Michael Hastings, who set off a political firestorm in June of 2010 with his Rolling Stone article profiling McChrystal. His new book about the generals, their PR and political teams, the war, and much more is “The Operators: The Wild and Terrifying Inside Story of America’s War in Afghanistan” (Blue Rider Press, 2012).

Hour 2:  Can everyday circumstance influence or even determine how we think, behave, and respond to each other? We’ll talk this hour with Tufts University Professor of Psychology Sam Sommers. He details his research in the new book “Situations Matter: Understanding How Context Transforms Your World” (Riverhead Books, 2011).

Thursday, 1/19

Hour 1:  How was modern Western culture shaped by classical mythology and are the myths we learned in school still relevant today? We’ll talk this hour with Philip Freeman, Qualley Professor of Classics at Luther College, who writes about the most popular myths in his new book “Oh My Gods: A Modern Retelling of Greek and Roman Myths” (Simon & Schuster, 2012).

Hour 2:  Every relationship takes work right? We’ll discuss new strategies for improving our relationships this hour with clinical psychologist and prolific speaker Harriet Lerner, Ph.D. Her new guidebook is “Marriage Rules: A Manual for the Married and the Coupled Up” (Gotham Books, 2012).