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kera logo(Dallas/Fort Worth, TX) – KERA announced today that it has joined the Digital Convergence Alliance, a consortium of public television stations that have come together to centralize master control broadcast operations. The Digital Convergence Alliance includes public television stations from several regions of the country. The efficiencies resulting from this cooperative effort will reduce KERA’s annual master control operating costs and the continual upgrade of expensive capital equipment.

Centralized master control operations are an established and growing trend. Several commercial television stations have already formed network operations centers, and two multi-station consortiums have formed in public television. The development of robust national fiber optic networks in recent years has made the distribution of television signals from significant distances feasible and affordable. In addition, sharing equipment and operational oversight with other public media organizations is economically more efficient.

Joining the Digital Convergence Alliance consortium allows KERA to redirect resources toward growth in key content areas. Four positions in master control will be eliminated after the transition is complete at the end of this year. Operational savings realized from joining the consortium will be used to further advance KERA’s mission and its strategic initiatives such as the continued expansion of the station’s regional news coverage, especially in the areas of education, health/science, and the arts.



KERA is a not-for-profit public media organization that serves the people of North Texas. The station broadcasts to the fourth-largest population area in the United States. KERA produces original multimedia content, carries the best in national and international public television and radio programs, and provides online resources at KERA-TV broadcasts on Channel 13.1. KERA-FM broadcasts on 90.1 in Dallas/Fort Worth/Denton, 88.3 in Wichita Falls, 100.1 in Tyler and 99.3 in Sherman.



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