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What to watch this week, July 7 – 13

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We get it. It’s the Monday after a holiday weekend. You’re tired, stressed and possibly more than a little bit sunburned. The good news is that there are a slew of excellent series that continue on KERA this week. If you haven’t been following Time Scanners, History Detectives Special Investigations or Endeavour, you can catch up online before this week’s episodes by visiting our video player here.

While you’re at it, check out a preview of this week’s all-new episode of CEO. Host Lee Cullum chats with Kimbell Art Museum Director Eric Lee about the sleuthing behind acquiring notable works of art. It’ll be a good one.

Here’s our rundown of what to watch this week on KERA:

Monday, July 7

9pm: 1964 World’s Fair

Tuesday, July 8

7pm: Time Scanners: “St. Paul’s Cathedral”


Wednesday, July 9

7pm: Nature: “Saving Otter 501”

8pm: NOVA: “Mystery of a Masterpiece”

Thursday, July 10

8pm: Midsomer Murders: “Death of a Hollow Man, Part 2”

Friday, July 11

7:30pm: CEO
8pm: Carol Burnett: The Mark Twain Prize

Sunday, July 13

8pm: Masterpiece Mystery!: Endeavour II “Sway”


See the complete TV schedule here.